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2019 Lovecraft Issue

Submissions are open!

We are looking for short fiction, long fiction, and poems for our 2019 Lovecraft zine!

Authors MUST have a vague idea of Lovecraft’s mythology and his writing style. We don’t want all stories about C’thulhu. You are more than welcome to use deities within the mythos. Create your own, if you can – Lovecraft himself encouraged other writers to add to the mythos. Don’t feel constrained in what you’re writing. Make your stories terrifying. If you haven’t read Lovecraft, read it. We want your stories structured like Lovecraft’s writing style. His stories tend to be more narration than anything else. What is narrated shapes his story arcs overall, creating a long lead with little action followed by a sudden burst of horrific revelation at the end. Scare us. Intrigue us. Unsettle us. Beguile us. Make us question our own purpose in life. We want weird horror, cosmic horror, existential horror. Above all, we want you to impress our guest editor Elispera Frost.

Word count:
Short fiction – Up to 2,500 words
Long fiction – From 2,500 – 7,500 words
Poems – No line restrictions

Submissions close 31 March 2019. Email:

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General Submissions:

We no longer take unsolicited submissions. There may be periods in the future where we may open our pipeline to unsolicited work in general, or for specific categories of fiction, but this will not be regular or frequent. Please query first. We are open for speculative fiction and historical fiction for adult audiences.

Poems: $5

Short stories: $15

Novellette: 50 % sale price.


  1. In your email subject line, indicate the genre of your piece and a short paragraph about the subject area.
  2. Copy and paste the relevant Title Information Sheet for your genre into the email body, and fill in the requested information.
  3. Attach a double-spaced FIRST CHAPTER and a 300 word SYNOPSIS as a word document (or PDF if illustrated)
  4. Send your email to


For fiction submissions:



Commercial or literary fiction?

What book would you see as a comparison title to yours?

List any previous publishing history and/or any awards or residencies (eg at Varuna) you’ve received:

If commercial fiction, what genre would you categorise it as (eg fantasy, crime, thriller, chick lit etc)?

For non-fiction submissions:



Category (eg health, history, current affairs):

What book would you see as a comparison title to yours?

Tell us why you are the right person to write this book?

Do you have an expertise in the area?

List any previous publishing history and/or any awards or residencies (eg Australasian Shadows Awards) you’ve received: