The Body Horror Book

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Drawing from horror visionaries such as Clive Barker, David Cronenberg, and Mark Powell, including introspective analysis of films such as ‘Tusk,’ ‘The Fly,’ ‘Hellraiser,’ and ‘Eat,’ The Body Horror Book is a non-fiction exploration of the monstrous aspect of the human form. By exploring the literary trope of the carnival and the grotesque, and how the state of cultural and political affairs dictate the monsters created within fiction and film, The body Horror Book is designed to educate, terrify, intrigue, and beguile, if you dare to enter the rabbit hole….

“Insightful and downright entertaining, The Body Horror Book pierces the tenuous membrane between fiction and reality, exposing the fears we all have in common … the horrors inflicted on the human body.” – Bob Pastorella, reviewer at

“Fascinating and accessible, the Body Horror Book is a strikingly diverse exploration of horror that is interested not simply in getting under your skin, but also in finding out just what you’ve got hiding under there.” – William Tea, Ginger Nuts Of Horror

‘…a solid and thought-provoking production.’ – Tabula Rassa Mag


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“A multitude of eyes watch a girl enter the world, without shred of warmth…”

Told through prose and art, David M Hoenig’s ‘Queen To His King’ is the story of an unduly empathetic woman and the overly sociopathic King in Yellow.

“She is revered,
while one malevolent probability away, reflection through imperfect glass
is reviled, but cares not.”

Featuring artwork from David M Hoenig and Kimi Irene Wolf.


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A full decade after Jello Biafra declared Brisbane a heavy junta police state, Dante Halloran navigates its streets aided only by his wits and a debilitating mental illness that he has nicknamed The Inferno.

Australia has just ushered in a change of Government, and is still reeling from the recession that it “had to have”, but for Dante these are hardly events that concern him: his is the pursuit of love, of somewhere to lay his head at night, of friendships that won’t wane with the passing of the seasons.

With him on this journey are his so-called friends, equally lost: Twix, whose jealousies threaten to undermine their brotherhood; Alex, slowly spiralling out of control with the onset of her own condition; and Pixie, determined to find her own, potentially fatal, way in life.

EUCALYPTUS GOTH explores a city now lost to time, where skinheads and punks clashed on the streets and a night at the Normanby Hotel was considered a rite of passage for the babybat goths.

Strange Car In My Street


strange /stren (d)/ adjective: strange; comparative adjective: stranger; superlative adjective: strangest 1. unusual or surprising; difficult to understand or explain. 2. not previously visited, seen or encountered; unfamiliar or alien.

“Peter Gate’s first collection of poetry ‘Strange Car In My Street’ tempers the limits of a limitless seduction. Words fly from these pages like maimed birds, lashing at the reader’s face with promise, begging you to let them in, to embrace them. This delightful tome is a testament to love, wonderment, and the everyday heartbreak of the wounded poet.” – Dominic Kirwan, poet, editor.

300 Degree Days And Other Stories


Sometimes, the ties that bind are sharp enough to cut. In these eleven stories, set in contemporart Australia suburbia, Deborah Sheldon examines the darker side of family relationships. Unsettling and incisively written, each story of betrayal, envy, loss, or bad blood resonates for a long time after reading.

‘Sheldon’s stories lift the skin of small, suburban lives to expose the raw nerves beneath. Her writing is intimate, compelling and alarming…’ – The Short Review, UK

Petrified Punks

Can you really trust a mohawk? Why are the police baffled by a violent vehicle vendetta? Why are people drawn to that annoying singer? He’s not even attractive! Eight stories. Eight tales of terror. Punk’s not dead!

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Monsters Amongst Us

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The monsters we have come to know and love take a backseat as we delve into the darkest, most hideous depths of a monster that has taken centre stage as of late–HUMANS.

The collected tales herein will take you on a wild ride into the monstrous aspects of humankind, revealing some of the scariest atrocities humans are capable of doing, the ‘demons’ lurking in their heads, the ugliness of the pure human soul. You’ll meet artists, handymen, grieving parents, desperate alcoholics, and the delightful Sally Burns.

This debut anthology features the work of a variety of talented writers, including a few of the award-winning and darkly imaginative authors writing today. When you are ready, settle down, lock the window, and remember…the only monsters to fear are ourselves.

Anemone Enemy

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The deep sea is an environment completely unfriendly to mankind; it represents one of the least explored areas on Earth. Pressures in the mesopelagic zone become too great for traditional exploration methods, demanding alternative approaches for deep sea research. What is beneath the depths of the sea? Featuring award-winning authors including Deborah Sheldon, Liz Butcher, Gerry Huntman, and more!

Only The Dead


Plagued by the horrors of her past, medical student Lydia leaves for the Bien Hoa Provincial Hospital, determined to make a difference. Soon, she is plunged from one savagery to another, cocooned within the damp walls, rotting window screenings, bloodied bodies, and the gruesomeness of her distressing dreams.

Back in Australia, Cassie heads a large-scale protest. However, beneath her colorful façade lies a dark and dangerous addiction. When Lydia returns home, her dreams intensify, and she finds solace within the confinement of her apartment, safe from the terrors of the outside world. But how long can she last before her disturbing dreams become reality?