Small publisher. Big ideas.


Is there a story in you?

Books don’t spring to life out of nowhere, even if it seems that way sometimes, to the author as much as the reader. Something ticks inside an individual’s mind that says: I want to write a book. So why do we write?

  • A yearning to be recognised? For financial glory?

We hope not. You’ll probably be disappointed.

  • Celebrity status?

Don’t think so. You want to connect with your audience, right? You can’t connect with readers if your stories have no soul.

Books come from somewhere else. That innate place inside us that doesn’t always make sense. Ideas swim within us like lonely little boats searching for a home, until – your ideas come together! You know what your ideas mean, what they’re trying to say. There’s no point making sense of this creative compulsion. It’s either there or it isn’t. But it’s worth digging a little deeper and putting pen to paper. Because your stories are worth telling. Because you are worthy to be recognised for your talent. Because there is a story within us all.

Oscillate Wildly Press nurtures this creative compulsion. All that glitters is not gold, but a hell of a lot of it is. Check out our submissions guidelines to get started. And remember – only you can tell your story. And you are worthy enough to tell it.